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What is Icedb?

Icedb is a database as a service geared towards researchers and scientists

How can I get Icedb?

Icedb will be publicly released shortly on the usual package installation channels. In the meantime, please send an email to aywl2 at

Which dbs does Icedb support?

Icedb runs with and provisions from MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite instances with trial support for Spark and SQL Server systems.

Which public/major databases does Icedb currently serve?

Icedb currently serves crystallographic data from the IUCr, Figshare, the COD, the OQMD and a number of local databases of materials from the University of Cambridge network of academic institutions. We would like to have more contributors so if you would like to take part please get in touch.

We are also onlining some public datasets from and are happy to accept all kinds of formatted datasets - particularly if they are already in schema form (json/yaml, key value pairs, CSVs, SQL entries.

Is Icedb a data hosting service or a data communication service?

Icedb can either connect using an account to your maintained database, or host the data on your behalf, with permissioning and full user rights models.

How can I contribute to Icedb?
Get in touch! aywl2 at